I retired!

Retired. The word has a long-standing odour of decrepitude. A musty hint of pasture and uselessness. But there is nothing fusty about the word. Quite the contrary. Retire stems from Latin re [again, back] and French tirer [draw]. Draw back–as an archer would. Which, of course, presumes another shot.

Simply put, I’m about to draw again. Another shot into a wider world. More than a little daunting sometimes, not unlike a blank page. I feel like a kid with a fresh box of crayons.

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2 Responses to I retired!

  1. David Tickner says:

    One my writing projects involves one-page histories of words and their origins. I’m working on ‘re+tire+ment’ right now and am intrigued by the links of the word retirement with the words tirade, martyr, and its most ancient roots in words related to memory.

  2. The definition and description of retirement is filled with hope and energy — a much needed antidote to general perceptions of the “R” word. Anxiety often dominates as I contemplate retirement. Thanks for the new images: a new box of crayons, their waxy texture, their smell, and their brightness. How exciting. Now I just need a blank page.

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