A Corner of Japan in Canada

Canadian rice field

Mt. Baker over Abbotsford, BC rice field

With Mt. Baker (whom I affectionately call Beka-san) presiding beyond the wall, the view–but for the different smell and absence of muscular pines–is not unlike being in Japan.

But no, this is the first experimental sake-grade rice crop growing in Canada from which Masa Shiroki hopes to produce 100% Canadian jizake (local sake) later this year.

Sake rice growing in an Abbotsford, BC field

I wrote about the Granville Island Artisan Sake Maker’s project in Montecristo magazine. “Going Against the Grain,” now out in the summer issue, is also accessible on line. To read it click here.

You can learn more about Shiroki’s projects and products at artisansakemaker.com.

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