Cheez Doodles & the Duke of Hastings

Recently my friend A and I share the numerous ways we’ve struggled through while under the pall of the pandemic. She writes: It´s difficult to find something rewarding that at the same time challenges you and makes you feel content, even happy. At this time, I just miss Cheez Doodles, and they would make me even fatter. Had this dream that I was swimming in a sea of Cheez Doodles, but of course I wasn’t moving forward, I was busy stuffing myself. I have never felt happier.

Thankfully it was all a dream. She adds that so far the Cheez Doodles have stayed out of her grocery cart.

I understand. Mid-January, stuck and struggling in the muck (desperately praying it is not quicksand) I run away to Bridgerton.

There I binge in a sea of episodes, interviews, reaction videos, as well as behind the scenes production notes on costumes, dances, special effects and the rest. Every second in Bridgerton I feel happier. With a touch of self-mockery I rationalize the ridiculousness of it all as an option marginally superior to alcohol.

But after reading A’s dream I laugh and let go of the self-reproach. The Duke of Hastings is my kind of Cheez Doodle. Nothing more.

Here’s to stuffing myself. Shameless and shame free. To more happiness whatever its guise.

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