Special thanks

Though I initially started (and continue) to write with more literary and journalistic objectives in mind, getting to know passionate and top-quality people through contract work has been an unanticipated bonus in my writing life.

I had no idea when I reluctantly took on my first student client that working with people or organizations to write web content, essays required for school or job applications, press releases, cover letters, letters of reference and the like would be as rewarding as it is.

From all walks of life—agriculture, the arts, business, engineering, health therapies, service industries, schools, trades, and various service industries—my clients give me fresh insights into their unique talents, depth of experience, particular gifts and how they use them in service to others.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to each one for making my life and my work more rewarding.

I’m also happy to introduce you to the dynamic principals of one company, indesign financial group limited, which has recently (finally) got its website up and running.

I hope that’s an inspiration to all of you who are:

  1. working on it,
  2. meaning to get working on it, or
  3. needing somebody to get working on it.

Let me get working on it for you.

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