New Mug Shots

It’s been a year and a bit now of sloughing off the skin of the past and undertaking the new on many fronts. On account of getting new eye glasses, into that mix was an update of my business head shots.

As a fundraiser, Goward House a local senior’s center, annually offers professional photo shoots on their gorgeous grounds by photographers who donate their time. (Contact them and they’ll put you on the list for next year and let you know when they are scheduling.)

I first learned of it in The Times Colonist’s GO section. As a newcomer to the city I read every inch of it every Thursday for anything that’s coming up across the city and surrounding areas in the next week. As a result I’ve lucked into all sorts of splendid things.

The deal was simple. Put $10 down to make an appointment, arrive at the set time, do the shoot, and come back about 10-14 days later to view more than a dozen best shots selected by the photographer.  Then, if you like what you see cough up $40 and you’ll take home a DVD (or your own USB drive if you prefer) with the photos on it.

That sure beats the hundreds it costs elsewhere. If you don’t like the results you’ve donated ten non-refundable dollars to a good cause and enjoyed an interlude in a charming heritage home and grounds. If you wish, you can stop for lunch or tea as well.

Normally I’m uncomfortable in front of the lens; however, photographer Peter Bruce quickly put me at ease. Surprise! I had fun.

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