Too Busy Bathing to Post

In the interval since my last post, my bathroom renovation—a testing journey of fits and starts which began mid-January—finished. Finally.

It took six months to swap out the sink, toilet, tub and trim; and install a countertop, a mirror, new tile and light fixture. People build a whole house in that amount of time. I had no idea of the number of delays and problems that could—and did—occur with a small, simple project. Many thanks to the meticulous workers who persisted and made it happen for me.

Twenty-four square feet of mirror open up the 42-foot square room.  Oh, Dr. Freud that typed toom—the room’s size and mausoleum-marble sensibility of the 8 x 20 Italian tiles, I guess.



Though it’s more than difficult to get a decent camera angle in a room that size, the before and after shots give small sense of the room’s new Zen ambience.

The touchstone of that character is the deep soaker tub catching the dry waterfall of natural stones and the onsen powder that goes into it. Bliss. I hadn’t had a bath since travelling in Japan last November. Phe-ew!

Tub & Dry Waterfall

The tub is Venco Naturelle 32, the toilet and sink Kohler Archer series (all in almond to work with the existing floor), lavatory and shower trim Kohler Memoirs Brushed Nickel. The countertop is Wilson Art Alpine Passage 1844K-45 with a plant on back splash and an eased edge to give the illusion of stone to the laminate. The stone tiles are Pebbles NS BP1 WM412 by Tierra Sol. The tile is TIMC 820 by Time Series.

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