Saying So Long to Summer

It was one of Vancouver’s loveliest (and record breaking) runs of fine weather since 1985. Eighty kilometers east here in Abbotsford it was about the same, though a tad warmer inland than seaside. Of course, after the summer solstice there’s always that wincing awareness–little by little the light diminishes daily. However, when the day is loaded with gold from sunrise to sunset it is possible (especially with a fine glass in hand) to mind less.

Particularly delightful, it was rarely excruciatingly hot. After one week of temps in the low to mid thirties the days settled into mid to high twenties. Nights dipped to refreshing teens. What could be better? Even fabled Camelot had to deal with rain after sundown and fog until 8:00 AM.

I enjoy sunshine best from the shade. This year one of my favourite go-to spots was under an umbrella on the patio at Restaurant 62—best on days when a the breeze curls between Gateway buildings 1 and 3 from Marshall Road before whipping north on McCallum.

There radiant Sarah whose smile outshines the sun makes sure I am not without my favourite cocktail. Paul knows exactly when to interrupt my happy scribbling to describe the evening’s features, Alicia offers the loveliest hugs, and I always leave satiated.

Patio days dwindle with the light. Overhead, the geese in giant check marks underscore the realization: We are at another summer’s end.

Happily, I no longer dread Labour Day. No more School of Damocles hanging over my head for 196 days. (Yes. We counted.) Instead it’s a perfect day to start with champagne, a heart full of impulses and lines to scrawl—enough to last till New Year and beyond.

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