10 Reasons to Love Japan Wireless

JapanWireless-logoSince 2001 I have rented mobile phones while travelling through Japan as the Japanese system (like many things Japanese) is separate and apart from what the rest of the world does when it comes to roaming. Plus, I’m not savvy enough to fiddle with SIM cards and all the rest of the stuff that is quite ordinary to many others.

However, this fall I took a tablet computer instead of renting a phone. Why? Because the only phone I could rent in Japan was a flip phone not a smart phone for much more money that my use of it would warrant. I don’t use a phone much at home. I use it even less frequently in Japan.

Plus, my tablet gave me Skype, email and all the convenience of a computer. I could create blog posts, download photos from my camera, video contact people face-to-face, and instant message making a phone redundant. Since I allow myself only one carry-on suitcase along with the second small bag the airline permits, the fewer gadgets to lug around the better.

What I did do was rent a portable, secure WiFi router from Japan Wireless. That meant I had more reliable and secure WiFi than hotels or cafes provide. Why Japan Wireless? Mainly because their website was easy to navigate and very reasonable pricing options were provided in a straightforward style.

And no, I received nothing from Japan Wireless for giving a shout out about their service. I simply think that people should know about the good things in life.

What I really liked about Japan Wireless:

  1. Excellent website with clear information compared to the competition.
  2. Easy to order online.
  3. Delivery to my hotel on arrival option.
  4. Clear directions on how to set up and use the router.
  5. Handy case and Velcro tie attached to the cord.
  6. Easy to return.
  7. An invitation to give feedback included in the package.
  8. It worked all the time!
  9. My friends could use my wireless service when their provider did not work in remote areas.
  10. Japan Wireless sent an email reminder asking for feedback.

I hadn’t forgotten to include the feedback. However, I’d made a mess of the paper and as a professional writer thought it too shabby to mail back to them. It was on my “To Do” list to send a formal, snail mail reply, but because they sent an email they got the feedback sooner.

Because they asked, I suggested 3 possible improvements for Japan Wireless to consider:

  1. The back cover of the router came off very easily. I used a hair band to hold it on.
  2. Better graphics, correct English, and improved layout for the directions and feedback sheet. I stopped short of offering my services (and now wonder why).
  3. To refrain from asking customers what makes them “feel inconvenient or annoying in Japan.” Besides reading like a Google translation, that invites comments about problems Japan Wireless cannot solve. I suggested that they ask what is great about Japan Wireless service and/or how the service can be improved (Kaizen style).


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