A Picture of Love

It might not be immediately obvious, but in this photo is evidence of love.

Within 30 hours of reading an email from a friend in Yokohama, a gentleman from Yamato Transport was at my door with a beautiful bag.

K had not yet read my “One Hundred Hours In” post and did not know about my ongoing quest for toilet paper. However, she had noted that after the panicked rush on supplies, toilet paper had been restocked in her local supermarket. While she had enough and did not need to purchase more, she thought I might be struggling to find it.

Therefore she bought a 12-pack (customers were now being limited to one each) and kindly offered to courier it to me. In addition, she suggested that she might look for other things I could not find in my neighbourhood. All I needed to do was let her know.

How fortunate I am to have a loving friend who anticipates my needs and offers to take care of them.

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