Getting Cozy

After a rather intense and topsy-turvy start to the week, things settled down and jetlag lifted by Friday. I wasn’t inclined to push myself to energy depleting levels.

With two months ahead of me and fewer classes than I’d originally planned to attend, I have gobs of free time. I don’t need to go into overdrive; I can ease in. With COVID-19 an ever present threat, driving myself to exhaustion would be stupid. Instead, as I settle in I organize things to my liking, rest often, eat nutritious meals and sleep well.

As I have done each time I lived here previously, I’ve enjoyed making my little apaato a cozy oasis.  With simple items I brought with me such as cushion covers to pull over the nasty orange ones in the place, throws and fairy lights I’ve transformed less than 300 square, sterile feet into a serene and welcoming Home Sweet Tokyo home.

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4 Responses to Getting Cozy

  1. Anne says:

    Do write about your ventures around the city. We are practicing social distancing more and more frequently here. I’m very curious about how life is progressing in other places.

  2. Anne says:

    Sweet and cozy.

    • Lynda Philippsen says:

      Thanks, Anne.
      After a day of lessons or ventures around the city, it’s always a pleasure to open the door to a warm welcome. That said, I’d love to have a “design for small spaces” go at it if it were my permanent abode. However, come the hot and sticky seasons, I’ll be delighted to be back in my chill Victoria space.

    • Lynda Philippsen says:

      Something will be coming up fairly soon, Anne; however, I’m still organizing and editing photos and have various various themes in mind. Almost there. The first week was rainy much of the time and my adventures were largely indoors. Shopping plazas generally don’t permit photos inside the shops. So yes, it’s coming. I meant to learn Instagram before I left in order to post things to complement the blog, but it simply didn’t happen.

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