Almost Home

Today is much like one of those evening flight, waiting-around-with-nothing-to-do at the airport days. Except that no one is going to bring me drinks once I’m on board.

In 9 hours I get the keys to my new home! I’m thrilled in a weirdly calm way. Sort of the way I am when I’m about to fly to Tokyo for a couple of months. People constantly ask: Are you excited?

Well of course. There’s a serene knot of happiness at the core of my being at the prospect. At the same time I’m cognizant of the work involved in the enterprise. That sort of puts to rest any giddiness I might indulge.

Fortunately, I enjoy the work. I especially like interior design projects, and can’t wait to add my personal imprint to this property. I welcome the challenge even as I feel its magnitude. Most large-scale beginnings are like that, I think. But when undertaken in manageable, sequential micro-bits and approached with joy it’s anything but daunting. Bring on the bliss!

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