Merry Christmas from Victoria

I was surprised during a visit to a local mall to view a Christmas tree display to find a compass rose pointing to Tokyo more than 7500 kilometers distant. Sometimes it feels as if it were that many days.

I’ve been back three weeks now, decking my own halls, checking out the local concerts, events and reconnecting with family and friends. I’m especially grateful to enjoy Christmas in accommodations with central heating and adequate insulation this year. No drafts blow the candle flames to a horizontal 90 degrees and no buzzing heaters are needed here to keep things toasty inside.

Outside the weather has (except for a few crisp and clear days at the beginning of the month which were so like Tokyo’s winter season) been soggy and stormy.  December is Victoria’s rainiest month and devastating winter storms have come on shore this year. Ferry sailings and flights during the peak travel season have been delayed or cancelled. Trees fell making a mess of the roads and causing lengthy power outages, some for several days and still unresolved, in the region.

The streets are littered with branches—an ikebana artist’s bonanza. However, my apartment is too small to accommodate more than the Christmas tree, Advent Wreath and crèche in the window. My Victoria Ikebana lessons begin again in January. I’ll have to wait until then.

Not all of the Tokyo stories have been told, and I’ll continue with tales of those delights after the merry making is done. Until then, best wishes for a Good Yule, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel!


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