Pure Wool: 2010 CBC Literary Awards Entry

Thank you all who responded to my web-launch announcement, for your interest and for dropping by again.

Click on the title and read Pure Wool.

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5 Responses to Pure Wool: 2010 CBC Literary Awards Entry

  1. Gabriel says:

    Great, great and great!
    Congratulations, Gabriel

  2. Emma says:

    Oh, Lynda. It’s beautiful! It brought a lump to my throat, and a sting to my eyes. And a smile to my lips, as well. So glad you shared this story; as the saying goes: “You’ll never know where you’re headed, if you don’t remember from where you came.”

    Loved it.

  3. lynda says:

    A point of clarification. The blanket is the one I received from my aunt Mary. The circumstances are as outlined in the story. Because contest rules specified that there should be no identifying markers, I chose to use my mother’s middle name to stand in for mine. Sarah is a more Biblical and traditionally Mennonite name than my own, and writing this in the first person (I tried) couldn’t achieve the emotional restraint I wanted for this narrative. That was simply too much me and moi–the quagmire of memoir.

  4. Toni Karila says:

    I finally found it to read, and it is amazing. It reminds of the blanket your mother gave you. Blanket of love.

  5. Ruth Berg says:

    Lynda, you have captured love and hurt and God all in one wool blanket. Thank you for the moment of connect with my grandparents and their story. Ruth

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