Touch someone with your love today

This post is inspired by Barbara Winters as described by Laura Eggertson. ‘You are so loved’: Lawyer describes efforts to save Nathan Cirillo in The Globe and Mail. Friday October 24, 2014: A11.


As Nathan Cirillo, the honour guard soldier gunned down at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada, lay dying, Barbara Winters an Ottawa lawyer was among those trying to save him.

Four by-standers including Barbara (all with first aid or medical experience) rushed to his side. While they worked to save his life Barbara told him that he was a good and brave man, that his family, his military family and the people working to save him loved him. “You are so loved,” she said.

Barbara claims that she did what most people would do. “When you are dying you need to be told how loved you are.”

I’m sure that’s true. It’s hard to fault that profound emotional intelligence.

However, when I read those final lines of Laura Eggertson’s column I wondered. Why wait that long? From the moment we are born we are on a journey toward our inevitable death. Life ends badly: lost or buried or scattered.

While you are living you also need to hear how loved you are—even if some days you have to talk to yourself. People need to know how loved they are. They need to see it in action as well as to hear it.

Touch someone with your love today. Touch someone with your love every day.

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