A Little Break

Following the recent and unexpected death of my mother and all the upheaval that means for a family, I have decided to officially take a break from posting. That doesn’t mean I won’t create posts, but the 7-10 day regularity that I like to observe can’t be counted on. Just so you know.

Two days ago I moved a fraction of my stuff–things that can fit into a hatchback– to Victoria. Last Sunday my brother loaded up his Subaru, too. I plan to live here part time for the next seven months as this is where most of my family and friends are. I will return to Abbotsford and my home there periodically to settle estate matters.

I’m in an ideal spot–near Mt. Douglas Park and the beach–in my brother and sister-in-saw’s gorgeous little  in-law suite and settling in quite nicely.

Already it’s strikingly different than coming into town as a visitor. I mean, I have to shop in hardware stores, not boutiques. In addition, I don’t have my usual support system of familiar purveyors for my needs at hand. I don’t have a table yet. It’s here in the city, but can’t be delivered until next week because the delivery schedule is that busy.

None of those are complaints. Just facts. Meaning a good deal more settling into this life is necessary before I can focus on new posts. Still, I miss it when I don’t write. You’ll see me again. I’m quite sure of that. Perhaps I will surprise myself. It may be sooner than I think.


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