A Period of Technical Difficulties

It has been a while. Longer than I’d hoped. After an eventful weekend in the Japanese countryside followed by jaunts to distant areas of Japan and several hours on trains to write about the adventures, the computer got balky.

Photos refused to download from the phone. Photos emailed to computer failed to arrive. The Halloween post which should have been done in less than half an hour took three hours to format. The computer’s speed reminded me of the not so good-old dial-up days.

After I connected with my trusty go-to tech for remote support he had the matter figured out in short order. Whew! I had not picked up e-pestilence from a dodgy free WiFi source. I had a faulty router. WiFi connection was was terminating and reconnecting every 30-40 seconds.

Monday morning the management company for my building sent over a new router. Tuesday I had two intense classes. Now Wednesday in my part of the world and my day off, dealing with the backlog has begun. More is coming. Soon.

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