It Has Been a While

How much can happen in almost two months between posts? Lots. A post-leak & restoration project in my condo segued into eye surgery for cataracts and a complete reversal of life as I have  known it since Grade 2. Myopic all my life I now can see distances without difficulty. But dice a carrot? Whoa!

Who knew? Patience—which I thought I had stropped to a fine edge over the years—requires a complete overhaul. Surprise. I have none—or I have none faced with this.  But I’m working on it.

Good news this morning from the eye-doc: normal pressure, everything is fine, see you in two months. In two weeks I can be tested for reading glasses and the appointment is made. Yay! Big dark loads of anxiety off my mind. That still leaves two-plus weeks with a moratorium (or some more than exasperating blurring) on my normal close-range activities. But resolution of the problem seems to be in sight—ha!ha!

New tricks also help. Yesterday a friend and I sat on the wharf in Steveston mid-afternoon and drank a bottle of wine. For that I didn’t need the ability to focus at all.

I’ve put out a call to friends in town who also might like to have drinks on a patio or viewpoint somewhere in the city. Perhaps I’ll get some takers. That’s been a bit tricky up until now as my favourite people have been a) too busy with business, b) out of town on vacation, c) occupied with visiting family, or d) dead.

But the idyllic afternoon on the wharf watching people pass and the fishing boats come in, followed by sashimi dinner and a walk around Garry Point Park in the evening sunshine really lifted my spirits. I have to do more of that. Life ends. Too quickly. Carpe diem.

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