Travel’s Serendipitous Surprises

Often (sometimes multiple times a day) something unexpected and special takes me by surprise when traveling through Japan. Out of curiosity, I’d gone to Jizo Dori mainly to check out the “Harajuku for grandmothers” and “aka pantsu.”

Both were much as I’d expected. An avenue dotted with stooped people wearing bucket hats and stores festooned with bright red granny panties. More polyester than seen since Fortrel made its mid-20th century debut, as well as the “same” offerings of “famous” local specialties found everywhere else.

Before catching my train on the JR Yamanote line, I’d perused a map to see whether there was anything else worth checking out near Jizo Dori. I noticed a garden called Rikugien was a short walk from Komagome Station. Once recharged by a tasty tempura lunch I wandered over. Click here to read what I found.

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