Creating a Cozy Home in Tokyo

Before traveling to Tokyo I had done a meticulous assessment of my suite’s floor plan and colour scheme from the photos provided by the rental company. As a result, I brought a few items to personalize the space with me.

Apartment configuration & colors on arrival.

Then, before I unpacked my suitcases I assessed the view and decided to rearrange the furniture to better maximize it. Originally the sofa had been placed alongside the bed across from the television. However, I don’t watch TV.  As situated, the sofa offered a view of a drab wall across the street.

View from the sofa as originally placed.

When shifted across the room, I could enjoy trees and a more attractive building.

View from the sofa when moved across the room.

The worn orange-red cushions and throw over the bed (likely to protect the white duvet cover from dirty feet when watching TV) had to go. While hunting down various missing household items (more on that in the next post), I happened upon a perfect throw-pillow cover and a charming woolen lap blanket.

The sofa, cushion and throw.

I had brought a black Jacquard de Français napkin with me from Canada which acts as a table cloth.

My little nest viewed from the sofa.

Now that my ikebana classes have begun, I also enjoy fresh flowers all week long. I don’t arrange them in ikebana style at home as I don’t have the necessary containers or the space to display them. But plunked into a vase, beer glass or even a yogurt container, they add beauty and charm to my home.

It is that now. Home. Very sweet little home.


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